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Hardcore machine - TRAX 0091

This time there isn't space for any sentimentalism, Mad Dog, Tommyknocker, AniMe and Nosferatu have carefully chosen distorted sounds, huge kicks and angry vocals just to drive you crazy.

"Who's the best"

After 9 years the roman duo is back together for a new collaboration, the result is "Who's the best"
This track is the perfect fusion of their styles, sounds and melodies with the typical roman touch.
Once again the union of these two Hardcore superstars gives us a track of high quality Hardcore.

"Hardcore machine"

One day from the old toys box it came out the Speak 'n' Spell.
So Mad Dog and AniMe decided to make an Hardcore track using all the prohibited words which were originally censured on the toy.
From this idea it comes "Hardcore machine" a track that fits perfectly between the "many" melodies of the moment.
Done on purpose to set the dancefloor on fire.


Produced by Mad Dog and Nosferatu, this is the song that will close the album.
195 bpm of pure madness, 6 minutes of fusion of styles, from Hardcore to Dub Step and back to Hardcore.
Certainly a track not for everyone.

01) Who's the best  

02) Hardcore machine  

03) Lost  

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Release Date: 27.06.2011

N°cat: TRAX 0091

Type: E.P.

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