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Mixed by Nico & Tetta

Hardcore Motherfuckers vol.3 - TRAXCD 044

The third charter of the compilation "Hardcore Motherfuckers" is finally out. Who made it? Nico & Tetta!!
The resident DJs of the disco Florida (Brescia, Italy) once again mixed some old style hardcore with some new tunes, and the result is still the same: it kicks ass.
HMF3 featuring tracks by Art of Fighters, The Viper & Tommyknocker, Neophyte vs Evil Activities, DJ Isaac & DJ The Viper, DJ Partyraiser & T.i.m., The Stunned Guys, Project Omega, Hardcore Brothers and many more...
Nico & Tetta, the real hardcore motherfuckers!!!

01) The Rapist - Silent Scream

02) Armageddon Project - Spawn Of Misanthropy

03) Dj Mad Dog - Cocaine From Bolivia  

04) Bse - Headache Fm

05) Re Style - Fucking On The Dancefloor

06) Art Of Fighters - Mistake  

07) Dj Isaac & Dj The Viper - Trigga Finga

08) The Stunned Guys & Dj Paul - Mind Controller  

09) Jappo Vs Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (dj Neophyte Vs Evil Activities Rmx)

10) Dj Nosferatu - Cameltoe

11) Dj Partyraiser & T.i.m. - Kaos To Texas

12) Tha Playah - Fuck Tha Fame

13) Placid K - G Member

14) Dj Bike - Bike's Drum

15) Rotterdam Terror Corps - There Is Only One Terror (the Stunned Guys Rmx)

16) Rotterdam Terror Corps - Raveworld

17) Ophidian - Butterfly Vip

18) Project Omeaga - Prednision-attack

19) Hardcore Brothers - Back To Da Past

20) Nuclear Device - I'm A Killah  

21) Art Of Fighters - Game Don't Stop  

22) The Viper & Tommyknocker feat. Mc Da Mouth Of Madness - The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Remix)  

23) The Stunned Guys - You Will Survive  

24) Neophyte Vs Evil Activities - One Of These Days

Release Date: 15.09.2004

N°cat: TRAXCD 044

Type: Compilation

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